March 21, 2012

We're in the Valley Now!

Right after the Jolley family moved to Utah the boys in the family were called to serve the church and their community.
In 1852 the Washington L, her second eldest, was called to go on a mission to Texas to preach the Gospel. Soon after this Berry Jolley also went to Texas on a mission.
Before 1859 the family moved from Palmyra, Spanish Fork, and Payson. One day while Henry Jolley was herding the cattle in the field the Sheriff stopped by and took Him to Chief Black Hawk’s camp where they found his squaw had died and they arranged a burial for her.
“In 1865 the Jolleys moved to Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah. The Black Hawk Indian War started later that year and Henry was in a company that was ordered to investigate the massacre in Thistle Valley. Moroni became a Fort for all colonists in the county. Henry served as a guard until 1866 when he was called back the Missouri river and lead a wagon train back to Utah. Along the way back the wagon train was wary of Indian attacks, timber wolves and had to work to make money to buy supplies. Upon returning to Utah the Indian conflicts had increased. Henry returned to the fighting until 1867 when he became a rancher and a mill owner.”


  1. I just came across your site, in doing research for our church history trip this summer. I guess we are somehow related. My family comes from the Sarah Ann Jolley line. I look forward to anything else you may later have to share. I will also share this with my family members. Thank you.

  2. Hello Diana,
    My name is Cambria. My 4th great grandmother is Sarah Pippen Jolley. I live in Utah, and today is Independence Day. I drove the 2 hour round trip to put more flowers on her grave today. I don't know any other relatives of the Jolley's and it seems to me that you have more information about their lives than I do. I would love to talk with you. My # is (801) 361-1683. Thanks again,
    Cambria Andersen

  3. Hi, Diana! My name is Laura and I am also a descendent of Reuben and Sarah. I came across your blog as I was looking for conversion stories from my family history for a talk I'm giving in church on Sunday. Have you put this information up on family search? I found all of this info to be incredibly interesting! I'd love more information, if you have it! Feel free to email me at if you do have any information...I'd love to connect with you!